Hi all,

I'm planning to prepare a Linux installation
on an USB flash drive.

The idea is to have /boot (with ext, since grub2
does not support f2fs yet) and / with f2fs.
Both on the USB flash drive while /home will be
somewhere else.

Now, I've a backup tool exploiting lvm snapshots
and I would like to use it.

This means / will be on top of an LV.

Does it make any sense to have f2fs over lvm?
Will still be some benefits from f2fs in this

How about snapshots? Could they cause problems?
Usually the filesystem mounted from lvm snapshot
has consistency issues, which are they usually
solved by journal.
I guess f2fs should be fine, but I would like to
confirm with experts here.

Of course, one possibility would be to use f2fs
on the raw partition, waiting for snapshot to
be implemented.
What's the plan about this?

Thanks a lot for any answers,




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