On 2018/2/5 18:18, Weichao Guo wrote:
> There is a potential inconsistent metadata case due to a cp block
> crc invalid in the latest checkpoint caused by hardware issues:
> 1) write nodes into segment x;
> 2) write checkpoint A;
> 3) remove nodes in segment x;
> 4) write checkpoint B;
> 5) issue discard or write datas into segment x;
> 6) sudden power-cut;
> 7) use checkpoint A after reboot as checkpoint B is invalid
> This inconsistency may be found after several reboots long time later
> and the kernel log about cp block crc invalid has disappeared. This
> makes the root cause of the inconsistency is hard to locate. Let us
> separate such other part issues from f2fs logical bugs in debug version.

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Reviewed-by: Chao Yu <yuch...@huawei.com>


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