Hi Sheng Yong,

On 2018/2/9 11:21, Sheng Yong wrote:
> Hi, Chao
> On 2018/2/8 23:08, Chao Yu wrote:
>> On 2018/2/6 12:31, Sheng Yong wrote:
>>> This patch introduces a new feature F2FS_FEATURE_LOST_FOUND. It can be
>>> switched on by indicating a new option `lost+found' with -O. If
>> Not sure, do we need to change this option to 'lost_found' to follow other
>> generic -O options?
> I'm also not sure about this, since there is already a `lost_found' in fsck :(

Change 'lost_found' to 'lost+found' in fsck to unify the output path?

>> Do not need to update this whole slot?
> What do you mean by updating the whole slot? Two slots used by "lost+found"
> are filled.

'lost+found' takes two slots, but we need only fill all contents in first slot
and filename & bitmap of these two slots, as in both kernel/userspace sides,
we will skip updating & travelling second and later slots during add_link & 
Let's keep consistent with the behavior.


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