I've got a problem very similar to https://sourceforge.net/p/linux-f2fs/mailman/message/35931960/, just that there is no encryption. You can take image of entire SSD from https://rg.ettavolt.nl/ftp/public/32GB.bin.xz (25855719584 bytes, should have zeroed the disk before installation…) (site may be unavailable during DNS update). Contains GPT with ESP and root partition so you can try to boot if you wish.
There is nothing private except for passwords of sudo user and WiFi. :)
When the problem happened, the session was like: boot, change the name of some folder or file, run OO presentation, cleanly shutdown. I'm going to keep this disk intact for a while. If you'd like to try anything on it just tell me what.

P.S. If it helps, I was observing similar issue earlier on 4.9 kernel from Arch and plain dm-crypt partition. Everytime it happened after I've booted live stick, mounted root, edited fstab/cryptab, unmounted root (but haven't detached dm device, not sure if system does this itself) and rebooted. Since then I was running the same setup on 4.9.73 with some bigger writes to f2fs partition. It survived several unclean poweroffs.

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