On Mon, Apr 09, 2018 at 04:18:07PM -0500, Goldwyn Rodrigues wrote:

I'm sorry I missed this email.  My inbox is a disaster :(

> I tried these patches against next-20180329 and added the patch for the
> bug reported by Mike Kravetz. I am getting the following BUG on ext4 and
> xfs, running generic/048 tests of fstests. Each trace is from a
> different instance/run.

Yikes.  I haven't been able to reproduce this.  Maybe it's a matter of
filesystem or some other quirk.

It seems easy for you to reproduce it, so would you mind bisecting it?
Should be fairly straightforward; I'd start at commit "xarray: Add
MAINTAINERS entry", since the page cache shouldn't be affected by anything
up to that point, then bisect forwards from there.

> BTW, for my convenience, do you have these patches in a public git tree?

I didn't publish it; it's hard to push out a tree based on linux-next.
I'll try to make that happen.

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