On Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 05:03:36PM -0800, Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> From: "Matthew Wilcox (Oracle)" <wi...@infradead.org>
> ra_submit() which is a wrapper around __do_page_cache_readahead() already
> returns an unsigned long, and the 'nr_to_read' parameter is an unsigned
> long, so fix __do_page_cache_readahead() to return an unsigned long,
> even though I'm pretty sure we're not going to readahead more than 2^32
> pages ever.

I was going through this and realised it's completely pointless -- the
returned value from ra_submit() and __do_page_cache_readahead() is
eventually ignored through all paths.  So I'm replacing this patch with
one that makes everything return void.

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