On Mon, Feb 12, 2024 at 09:13:11PM -0500, Gabriel Krisman Bertazi wrote:
> Hi,
> v6 of this patchset applying the comments from Eric and the suggestion from
> Christian. Thank you for your feedback.
> Eric, since this is getting close to merging, how do you want to handle
> it? I will take patch 1 through my tree already, are you fine if I merge
> this through unicode or do you want to take it through fscrypt?
> As usual, this survived fstests on ext4 and f2fs.

I think you should just take the whole series through the unicode tree.

If I understand correctly, this series is really about fixing things for
casefolding support, not fscrypt support, right?  There is a lot of interaction
between the two, but ultimately it's casefold that gets fixed.

- Eric

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