On Feb 19, 2024 / 00:58, Yi Zhang wrote:
> Hello
> I reproduced this issue on the latest linux-block/for-next, please
> help check it and let me know if you need more info/test, thanks.


> [ 4381.278858] ------------[ cut here ]------------
> [ 4381.283484] WARNING: CPU: 22 PID: 44011 at fs/iomap/iter.c:51
> iomap_iter+0x32b/0x350

I can not recreate the WARN and the failure on my test machines. On the other
hand, it is repeatedly recreated on CKI test machines since Feb/19/2024 [1].

  [1] https://datawarehouse.cki-project.org/issue/2508

I assume that a kernel change triggered the failure.

Yi, is it possible to bisect and identify the trigger commit using CKI test
machines? The failure is observed with v6.6.17 and v6.6.18 kernel. I guess the
failure was not observed with v6.6.16 kernel, so I suggest to bisect between
v6.6.16 and v6.6.17.

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