I have put my sun-j2sdk1.4_1.4.2+05_i386.deb in /files/packages

How do I say (in /script/DEFAULT/S01 ?) to install the package if the JAVA
class is defined?
I've tried this =>
In /class/DEFAULT.var :

In /script/DEFAULT/S01 :
ifclass JAVA && {
    [ "$installjava" ] && yes '' | $ROOTCMD apt-get install $installjava

But it doesn't work.
Maybe it's not the good way to install a home-made debian package...
How should I do?


MichaŽl C.

Okay, a few things. I don't edit the default scripts because it makes upgrading harder, and this isnt how the packages stuff should be used. Try this method:

1) put the file in /files/packages/java or something (just makes it nicer to group into dirs)
2) go to /files/ and make a script called packages.sh, in it, put this:

dpkg-scanpackages packages /dev/null | gzip -9 > packages/Packages.gz

then save it, and run it from /files/

3) edit class/DEFAULT.var (or whatever class you'd like to install it) and list the package names in addpakcages=""


# grep addpackages class/DEFAULT.var
addpackages="kernel-image-2.4-386 xprt-xprintorg xprt-common acroread-debian-files acroread sun-j2re1.5 sun-j2re1.5debian sun-j2sdk1.5 sun-j2sdk1.5debian"

# ls -R files/packages
Packages.gz  acroread  java  xprint-xprintorg

acroread-debian-files_0.0.6_all.deb  acroread_5.09-woody0.0_i386.deb

sun-j2re1.5_1.5.0+beta2_i386.deb sun-j2re1.5debian_0.9_all.deb sun-j2sdk1.5_1.5.0+beta2_i386.deb sun-j2sdk1.5debian_0.9_all.deb

xprt-common_0.0.9.final.001-1_all.deb xprt-xprintorg_0.0.9.final.001-1_i386.deb

If it fails, try installing the deb manually on a box you've already built and make sure it doesnt fail dependencies.

Now, just start the install again it it should magically work ;-)

Hope this helps.


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