Hello everyone

Management summary:

- grave bug regarding preserving volumes in last version
- http://www.fluffbunny.de/setup-storage_1.4+ami.tar.gz
- http://www.fluffbunny.de/testwrapper_setup-storage_2012-09-02.tar.gz

As a convenience I attached the testwrapper's readme file which
is also part of the archive file.

Full story:

I'm pretty sure I fixed the LVM troubles in setup-storage 1.4. The links are
pointing to my modified version for setup-storage 1.4 which is based on
 package  fai-setup-storage
 version  4.0.3+0~1346412696.57~1.gbp4b7b93
 repo-url deb http://jenkins.grml.org/debian fai main

A 'diff -Nur' of my patches is nearly 9kB. I tested my patched version
against all tests  that are currently part of my testwrapper. (I was sent
quite a number of test cases, but concentrated on making Brian's
md+lvm+preserve case work first.) If someone wants to jump in and
provide test cases for his/her disk-configs then I'm really happy.
[It's been a rough ride through s-s' internals. It was a really big relief
 when I enabled brian's complete testcase (reinstall+md+lvm+preserve) and
 it simply worked. The previous one 'reinstall+md+lvm+nopreserve' needed
 patching. Seems my patch regarding lvm+preserve was right on and integrated
 well into the general procedure.]

regarding setup-storage_wrapper

This wrapper is far from perfect. But for the moment it's okay. Got some ideas
for improvements, which I have written down in the readme file. The thing that
bugs me most is that a machine which is physically able to be configured
according to the disk_config files is necessary to execute this wrapper. There
are some special cases (like xen disk config and RAM dependent configs) which
are a bit hard to test. (What happens if a disc is set to RAM:100% and the RAM
is really large? Well setup-storage should behave like with a normal disk-config
which requires more disk space then available - does it?) Someone send me a disk
configuration with more then 30 disks - maybe the testwrapper could emulate/fake
them by creating some loop-backed devices and feed these to setup-storage? I'm
using VMware Workstation which should be able to connect up to 60 virtual scsi
disks to a VM - however I don't have enough space on my personal machine for
anything more then 1GB disks. (lean provisioning is no solution. mdadm plays
dirty by syncing the disks.)

regarding setup-storage

I'm not sure how to proceed from here. Wait for Michael to come back and discuss
the changes? Integrate these patches into ~experimental? Create more tests? e.g.
 - md on lvm (brian uses lvm on md)
 - encrypted volume
 - encrypted volume on md | lvm | md+lvm | lvm+md
(or something nasty?)
 - 'md over lvm over md' or 'lvm over md over lvm'
   (I'm pretty sure there's a bug lurking here.)

Why is setup-storage's version set to '1.4+ami'?

I dedicate this version / these patches to Ami Suzuki which helped me
immensely during debugging. (She's a japanese pop singer.) It's okay
if this is renamed to 1.4.1 or 1.5 or whatever later on - I just
wanted to make it apparent it's not 1.4 anymore.


P.S.: Brian? You owe me a nice cold beer or a decent chocolate. ;)

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