I'm happily creating encrypted file systems now, which is great, but
I'd like to look forward to having to rebuild the system. The encrypted
file systems are for data storage only. Ideally if we rebuild the
server, the data storage disks would be left alone.

I've run into three problems here:

1) preserve for LUKS isn't supported.
2) preserve_always requires the disks to already be configured and
won't change them.
3) preserve_reinstall requires you to set a class for the first build.

To resolve 1, ideally setup-storage would honour preserve flags and let
me worry about the crypt files etc.

But the behaviour with 2 & 3 are a problem. Ideally we'd have
lazyformat back. ;)  I don't want to have to set any classes for the
first build, or modify the disk_config for future builds.

I could potentially have a class file that looks to see if a partition
exists on the first hard drive, and if it doesn't exist, set the
INITIAL class. But that seems a bit brittle to me.

How are others handling that situation?


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