we are using FAI installed on a Debian Jessie Server from Jessie mirror to deploy Jessie clients and would like to upgrade to Stretch and a newer fai version, but we have some Issues with fai and nfs.


We are booting Dracut through our tftp server. Dracut tries to mount the nfsroot with NFS Version 4 (failes with  “mount.nfs: mount(2): No such file or directory”) and then ties to mount nfsroot with nfs version 3, but nfs version 3 seems to be not supported by the new Dracut version. (Protocol not supported).


I also set up an fresh Debian Stretch VM and installed fai-quickstart  (as described in http://fai-project.org/fai-guide/) and I get the same errors. A clean installation of Debian Stretch with an nfs-kernel-server installed is working with both NFS Versions. In my setup fai-quickstart seems to break nfs version 4 of the nfs-kernel server.




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Johannes Braun

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