That did it.

In the past I used ch-boot to generate the pxe config files and then edited them manually. I thought I had to have anboth root and nfsroot parameters. I didn't understand the difference. Still don't actually. But I see that the root parameter is correct the way ch-boot generates it if you pass it the correct parameters.

So I kind of had to undo the edits I had made to the pxe boot file for my test machine. It wasn't quite right originally the way ch-boot generated it. But I think I can probably get it to do that if I pass it the right parms.

On 02/12/2018 11:32 AM, Thomas Lange wrote:
On Mon, 12 Feb 2018 11:20:12 -0600, John G Heim <> said:

     > upunable to create a /tmp/fai/fai.log. So I can't really tell where the
That's the usual problem when the read-only nfsroot is not writeable.
Even you server was upgraded, I pretty sure that the FAI nfsroot was
not rebuilt.
The read-only issue is often caused by a NFS v4 issue. You can fix
that by forcing NFS v3 for the nfsroot. I do this by adding
nfsver=3 to the pxelinux.cfg file for the install client. The whole
option then looks like this:

Also make sure you are using the option rootovl if you are using a 4.x
kernel which enables overlayfs. In the past we used the option aufs,
but this is only for 3.x kernels.

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