Lars Ellenberg wrote:

> Uhm, no, that message is still there.
> The code in question has not been changed.

That may be, but it's not in my logs where it actually helps.

(There seems to be nothing in /var/log/messages from 3.0.3 running in R1 
mode; where 2.1.4 was annoyingly verbose at times, 3.0.3 is simply 
useless. Could be something logd-related I guess.)

> Unless of course you have auto_failback explicitly configured
> (which you should).

Not according to the "Required directives" part of manpage on the 
linux-ha website. Or auto_failback description on the same page.

I vaguely recall some "deprecated do not use" R1 webpage that explained 
auto_failback, however, I can't find it anymore and check if it 
mentioned the relationship between hb_standby and auto_failback. My 
recollection is, it didn't.

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