Trying to setup an ax25 connection between two systems.
They are connected via an ax25 over udp tunnel.
axcall just sits there and eventually times out.

caller system:

Debian stretch, 4.9.0-4-amd64

ii  ax25-apps                     0.0.8-rc4-2                    amd64
ii  ax25-tools                    0.0.10-rc4-3                   amd64
ii  libax25                       0.0.12-rc4-1                   amd64

ax0     FH8GOU-1        38400   255     7       AXUDP gw

mycall FH8GOU-1
socket udp 93
route FH9GOU-1 udp 10093 b d

root@dc:/home/folkert# axcall ax0 FH9GOU-1
GW4PTS AX.25 Connect v1.11



Debian stretch, raspberry pi, 4.9.41+

ii  ax25-apps                        0.0.8-rc4-2
ii  ax25-node                        0.3.2-7.4
ii  ax25-tools                       0.0.10-rc4-1
ii  ax25-xtools                      0.0.10-rc4-1
ii  libax25                          0.0.12-rc4-1

axportu FH9GOU-1        38400   236     7       AXUDP gateway

socket udp 10093
route FH8GOU-1 udp 93 b

[FH9GOU-1 VIA axportu]
default  * * * * * *  - root  /usr/sbin/ax25-node       ax25-node

root@nieteentplink:/etc/ax25# axlisten -8 -a -t axportu
axportu: fm FH8GOU-1 to FH9GOU-1 ctl SABM+ 21:20:25
axportu: fm FH8GOU-1 to FH9GOU-1 ctl SABM+ 21:20:35
axportu: fm FH8GOU-1 to FH9GOU-1 ctl SABM+ 21:20:56
axportu: fm FH8GOU-1 to FH9GOU-1 ctl SABM+ 21:21:26

So traffic comes in but it is unhandled.
I did an strace on ax25d and it just sits there in a select() doing

Anyone got an idea what is going wrong here?

Folkert van Heusden
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