> > Below you'll find a patch against ax25-apps. It adds the '-C' command
> > line switch (uppercase c). -c (lowercase) gave you an ncurses colored
> > listing of all packets received. -C (uppercase) does the same but
> > without ncurses, e.g. directly on the commandline. It does this with
> > ANSI-escape codes. You may want this if you want to be able to more
> > easily scroll back (which can be problematic for ncurses applications)
> > and to redirect the output (colored) to a file.
> > 
> I am not sure that this is the way to go. placing hardcoded ctrl sequences
> is asking for trouble. I would suggest using a compile time switch to enable
> this option that is off by default.

I don't see what advantage that will give. Those sequences are only used
when you explicitly enable them (using the -C command line switch).

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