Hey Thomas,

Good find! This does look pretty similar. I'm running a fairly up-to-date Raspbian. uname 
-r reports "4.9.27-v7+".

Running new kernels is supposed to be a GOOD thing but unfortunately, there are kernel developers out there that are making changes to the AX.25 code. They are thinking they are helping keep the kernel modern and other developers rubber-stamp approve the changes without *any* testing! Compiling code is NOT testing! Gah!..

Sorry, it's not a good situation.

Hmm that's getting pretty old now isn't it. Good to know it's probably not my 
config at fault.

Yes.. 3.18 is quite old and EOL but the 3.16.x series is still maintained. The older kernels in the Ubuntu 14.04 series, Debian Wheezy, etc. are known to work well, etc. All depends on what distro
you're running.

Btw, I was going through some of my previous emails from the UroNode and linux-hams email lists and there is various evidence of these kernel issues cropping up. If it's possible on your system, try an old kernel or even an older distro and see if your issues go away.


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