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I recommend you take this question to the Fldigi list at linux...@groups.io as you'll get more traction there. Anyway..

I have a laptop running ubuntu 18-10 i have wsjt-x running smoothly BUT fldigi is killing me.

Define "killing you".  Is it just a lack of PTT?

Does anyone have some sample config's for me i have a ft950 with a microham 3 interface. I have hamlib installed and fldigi starts and decodes ok but does no transmit.

Please follow http://www.w1hkj.com/doku/doku.php?id=howto:linux_user_group_configuration_for_serial_ports to make sure your login name is in the right Unix groups. There is also reports that with bleeding edge distros like Mint 19.1 that you need to be in the "tty" group as well. You must log out and back in for the changes to go into effect. If your issues persist and after you join the Groups.IO list, post the unique output of dmesg after you plug in the MicroHam3 interface.

I hope this mailing list is still alive.

This list is barely alive and it mostly covers incoming Linux AX.25 patches coming from developers that are trying to keep things modern but aren't doing any testing.


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