Xastir Release 2.1.4

Repository: Xastir/Xastir · Tag: Release-2.1.4 · Commit: 8ee4af9 ·
Released by: tvrusso

This is a maintenance release that is being made primarily because a
bug in Xastir impacts use with GraphicsMagick versions 1.3.32 and
later, and is preventing adoption of Xastir 2.1.2 in package
management systems.

The following changes have been made since Release 2.1.2:

- Code reformatting to match new project style
- Numerous updates to decrease number of warnings from gcc8
- Fix compiler warnings from OS X clang about use of hard-coded degree
symbols in strings.
- Removed the "--without-rtree" option: rtree is now always built into
Xastir if shapefile support is enabled.
- Removed vestigial references to gettext/libintl
internationalization, which hasn't actually been used since at least
- Fix compilation error with GraphicsMagick 1.3.32 and later.


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