Hi Terry and the rest of the people of this mailing list!

My name is Alberto Escudero [EMAIL PROTECTED] and in the last few years i have been
working under Linux and AX.25. The result of the last two years work developing
packet radio solutions for doctors in isolated areas of LatinAmerica is among other
docs a Spanish LinAX25 Dialup Gateway based in your excellent AX.25 HOWTO.

Some more new things have been included...as some notes about glibc2, new kernel 2.2...
DAMA support...

The document is a full and complete description in how to run a Linux box as a 
of a AX.25 network through a telephone line (BBS style, FIDO style). Notes about 
*.CF file, DNS, ISDN and Modem support have been also included.

The document is available at http://atlas.gbt.tfo.upm.es in SGML and written in 
LinAX.25 Dialup Gateway is based in many HOWTOS and will remain of course GPL!
I will be very please if you can have a look to it! I can make a translation of the 
and the new issues included and i will be very please to include that info in future 
of the AX-25- HOWTO if that help is needed.

GNUcheers from EB4GLO Alberto Escudero Pascual [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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