On Fri, Sep 06, 2019 at 11:57:35AM +0000, Isaac Vaughn wrote:
> Will do, thanks.

And, when you reply to mails, please press "Reply-to-all" in your mail
client and do not do private mails. There's a reason there's a Cc list.
Readding them.

> I built my patch on both 5.3.0rc7 and master, and have tested and
> am currently running it on 5.3.0rc7. Which tag are you building
> on? I suspect there is a version mismatch since ".dbam_to_cs =
> f17_base_addr_to_cs_size" is on line 2262 for me and a recursive grep
> of the entire returned no results for "f17_addr_mask_to_cs_size".

Ah, yes, you couldn't have known that, lemme explain.

So almost all maintainers have one or more branches which contain the
work scheduled to go to Linus in the next merge window and that work is
being merged on a daily basis into  linux-next.

The EDAC branch which has that is edac-for-next in the repo


Please use that one to base your patch on.

That branch also has a previous patch which does this:

-static int f17_base_addr_to_cs_size(struct amd64_pvt *pvt, u8 umc,
+static int f17_addr_mask_to_cs_size(struct amd64_pvt *pvt, u8 umc,

which explains the failure.




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