On 10/21/2015 11:28 PM, Randy Dunlap wrote:
On 10/20/15 23:16, Stephen Rothwell wrote:
Hi all,

There will be no linux-next releases after tomorrow until Nov 2 (kernel

Changes since 20151020:

on i386 or x86_64:

when CONFIG_PM_SLEEP is not enabled:

../drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-designware-platdrv.c:340:13: error: 
'dw_i2c_plat_prepare' undeclared here (not in a function)
   .prepare = dw_i2c_plat_prepare,
../drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-designware-platdrv.c:341:14: error: 
'dw_i2c_plat_complete' undeclared here (not in a function)
   .complete = dw_i2c_plat_complete,
Here's the fix for this:


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