Hi Lee,

2015-10-26 17:17 GMT+09:00 Lee Jones <lee.jo...@linaro.org>:
>> This series adds two I2C controller drivers.
>> (they are completely different IPs.)
>> The first one is a very simple FIFO-less I2C controller,
>> which is used on some older UniPhier SoCs.
>> The other one is higher-performance I2C controller with TX/RX FIFO,
>> used on newer UniPhier SoCs.
> And you have sent this to me because ... ?

No special reason.

I sent this series to linux-i2c@vger.kernel.org.

I guess you were automatically CC'ed by scripts/get_maintainer.pl.

Using get_maintainer.pl is a normal process when sending patches, I think.

Best Regards
Masahiro Yamada
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