Hi Laurent,

> Sorry for bringing bad news, but as with v1, this patch breaks ADV7511 
> detection on my Koelsch board. Reverting it on top of the series fixes the 
> problem.

In v1, patch 5/9 was breaking. I hope in v2, it is 6/10 and not 5/10 as
you replied to (patch 1/10 is the new one)? This bug is strange enough,
but 5/10 breaking would be extremly crazy.

> You'll find the dmesg and trace logs with your debugging patch applied 
> attached to this e-mail in two versions, one with the whole series applied (-
> bad) and one with this patch additionally reverted on top of the series (-
> good).

Thanks for doing this. I'll think about it some more, but it may be that
I am running out of ideas without being able to connect a scope. Would
it be possible to exchange our Koelsch and Lager boards for a while? Or
is your multimedia work Koelsch dependant?



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