> > Since commit 6ada5c1e1b077a ("i2c: Mark adapter devices with
> > pm_runtime_no_callbacks"), runtime PM on adapters turned into a no-op.
> > So, we can remove these calls.
> Won't this break i2c client devices that use runtime PM? Not sure
> if any cases of such client exist now, I'll try to find some time
> to test this change.

Thanks, much appreciated.

> IIRC client's pm_runtime* calls return error if their parent device's
> runtime PM is not enabled. Also enabling runtime PM on the i2c adapter
> allows propagating runtime PM calls up to its parent - the i2c
> controller platform device.

I was thinking the PM core would take care of that. Grepping for
other users of pm_runtime_no_callbacks(), I see that most but not all
use pm_runtime_enable() on the device, too.

Asking linux-pm for help here: If we want to support RuntimePM for I2C
clients, do we need to enable RuntimePM on the logical I2C adapter
device (the bus master) which is already marked using

> Perhaps we could just enable/disable adapter's runtime PM in i2c core.

That would be the proper place to do it, as I see it.



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