Hi Andy,

On 12/23/2015 12:27 PM, Andy Shevchenko wrote:
diff --git a/drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-designware-platdrv.c
>index 8ffc36b..04edd09 100644
>--- a/drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-designware-platdrv.c
>+++ b/drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-designware-platdrv.c
Can we introduce

static int i2c_dw_plat_prepare_clk(struct dw_i2c_dev *i_dev, bool
        if (IS_ERR(i_dev->clk))
                return PTR_ERR(i_dev->clk);

        if (prepare)
/* REMOVEME: Yes, you have to check return value and this is one
benefit of this change */
                return clk_prepare_enable(i_dev->clk);

        return 0;


Yes, I think this change. I'll put this in the V4, and send out soon.

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