On Saturday 12 January 2008, Tobias Müller wrote:
> Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz schrieb:
> > Please send 'hdparm --Istdout /dev/hdc' output.
> /dev/sdc:


Thanks, device has no cable detection (no surprise here, it is a CF card)
so over-riding only host side cable detection won't work.

As a workaround you can try using IDE subsystem siimage driver and pass
"idex=ata66" option or modify Tejun's patch to also override device side
cable detection by replacing ATA_CBL_PATA80 with ATA_CBL_PATA40_SHORT.

I've re-read the whole thread and it seems that the possible solution for
Addonics card would be to detect it by PCI Subsystem Vendor/Device IDs.

Could you send the output of 'lspci -vvv -xxx' command?

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