mikp wrote:
>>> The JMB361 controller is more quirky. I had to reboot and replug 3 or 4
>>> times before the PMP box started working normal. Here is syslog and dmesg 
>>> of boot 
>>> and reboot to finally get JMB361 working:
>> The log messages are truncated.  Can you please post a clean kernel log
>> including booting, detection of ata5 and detection failure?  Also,
>> please give a shot at different shorter cable.
> I tested this morning with different cables (long and short) and the JMB361 
> worked successfully with the PMP every time. So it appears the previous 
> problem was related to the cable. Although the same cable did work with the 
> SI 3132.

I've seen that sometimes.  I don't know whether PMP devices are picky
about cable or e-SATA cables are crappy tho.


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