Thomas Evans wrote:
> Saw something that caught my attention might be nothing ...
> When initialized, the port address is a 64 bit address:
> sil24_init_one init_one: port:FFFFFD00:09AA0000
> sil24_init_one init_one: port:FFFFFD00:09AA2000
> sil24_init_one init_one: port:FFFFFD00:09AA4000
> sil24_init_one init_one: port:FFFFFD00:09AA6000

These are KSEG addresses used for getting at the memory/registers
on the card, and were created by doing ioremap(physaddr).

> When the description from ata_port_pbar_desc comes out, it shows:
> ata13: SATA max UDMA/100 host [EMAIL PROTECTED] port 0x9aa0000 irq 31
> ata14: SATA max UDMA/100 host [EMAIL PROTECTED] port 0x9aa2000 irq 31
> ata15: SATA max UDMA/100 host [EMAIL PROTECTED] port 0x9aa4000 irq 31
> ata16: SATA max UDMA/100 host [EMAIL PROTECTED] port 0x9aa6000 irq 31

These are the physical addresses of the memory/registers of the card
on the PCI bus.

> I don't think the output is being truncated?

Nope, not truncated, just diff between physical and KSEG

> Is there some issue with the address?

Don't think so, at this time.

> ...tom
> Thomas Evans wrote:
>> added some more printk's based on what I saw -
>> maybe some issue with the dma port?
>> ...tom

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