On Saturday 26 January 2008, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
> On Jan 26 2008 21:31, Frans Pop wrote:
> >>  config BLK_DEV_IDE_PMAC
> >> -       bool "Builtin PowerMac IDE support"
> >> +       tristate "Builtin PowerMac IDE support"

this change is no-op at the moment because the next Kconfig line is:

        depends on PPC_PMAC && IDE=y && BLK_DEV_IDE=y

[ PPC-specific IDE host drivers are still a special case because they are
  using ppc_ide_md architecture hooks instead of doing proper host driver
  initialization sequence - to be fixed after adding warm-plug support... ]

> >This does not seem to make sense: if the option is now tristate, it is no
> >longer "Builtin", so probably s/Builtin // in the description.
> Or something like s/Builtin/Onboard/;

Please send a patch.

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