Hi Mikael,


It works perfectly at 1.5Gbps :-)

I think that because it fails at 3Gbps it might eventually fail at 1.5Gbps also... And the error handling was not robust (in my setup with these drives at 3Gbps).

If I can help investigate further, I'm happy to do that. I have a spare controller card so I could try swapping them. Do you have any suggestions for what I should try next?

Best regards,


Mikael Pettersson wrote:
Peter Favrholdt writes:
> If it is not too much of a hassle, could you please make a 1.5Gbps patch > for 2.6.24 for me to try out? If it solves the problem (without me ever > touching the cables) we know for sure it is speed-related and not due to > kernel version.

No problem. I had intended to drop that patch after 2.6.24-rc8 as it
ought to be obsolete, but then again it might not be. It's available here:

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