Andrew Paprocki wrote:
> I've been noticing something strange on an AMD Geode LX board that I
> have.. I have two SATA drives connected to the onboard Sil3114 chip,
> and the drives appear to be continually restarting (soft resetting?)
> during normal operation when nothing at all is happening on the
> machine. You can hear the drives doing it as well as feel it
> physically if you touch the drive. They are spinning down and back up
> again over and over again. All the while the OS never prints out any
> ata/scsi problems. The only manifestation of this in the kernel is
> that if you're doing something w/ the drives, it pauses momentarily
> while this happens (for instance, during an ext3 format).

It could be drive power management.  Try "hdparm -B 255" or "hdparm -B
254" to turn that off.  The output of "smartctl -A" output can also be
helpful to figure out what's causing it.

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