Mike Zheng wrote:

From PCI config space, the VENDOR_ID and DEVICE_ID are correct for my
driver. However the PCI_COMMAND register of 88SE6121 I got is 0x7,
which is the same as default value. Based on the document,  it has to
be 0x0207 to enable interrupt. However I always failed to do so, the

Bit 10 (mask 0x0200) is fast back-to-back enable, what does it have to do with iterrupts.

value remains 0x7 after it is re-assigned to the new value 0x0207. So

   This means that fast back-to-back is not supported

that I have no interrupt from PCIe as INTA. Do you have any idea on
this issue?

   There's also bit 11 (mask 0x0400) meaning INTx emulation *disable*.

Thanks for your help,

Mike Zheng

MBR, Sergei
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