Hi Bart,


> > the BKL in idetape_write_release() with finer-grained locking etc, probably 
> > also
> > some pipeline improvements, removal of OnStream support, etc. but that'll 
> > come
> > later.
> On-Stream support has been long gone but it seems that deprecation
> warning etc. managed to survive.
> w.r.t. to the pipeline-mode: it should be pipelined into /dev/null
> rationale:
> - it is _very_ complex
> - causes errors to be deferred till the next user-space access
> - direct I/O using blk_rq_map_user() will offer superior performance
> the only question is whether to remove it...

Well, on the one hand, since the driver is only being maintained we should not
remove code that works. Also, i don't know how many users ide-tape really has
but, would it be worth the trouble at all? Because if nobody's using it, we
could just as well pipe the whole thing into /dev/null.. On the other hand, the
pipelining part _is_ kinda big and, right, it is not that straightfoward to
look at it and know what it actually does - it truly is a student project :)

> >  Documentation/ide/ChangeLog.ide-tape.1995-2002 |  405 +++
> >  drivers/ide/Kconfig                            |    3 +-
> >  drivers/ide/ide-tape.c                         | 4146 
> > +++++++++---------------
> >  3 files changed, 1991 insertions(+), 2563 deletions(-)


> BTW what happend to patch #23?

Well, it appeared in my lkml mailbox having gone over vger which means at least
somebody got it :). But, yeah, that was a real nightmare yesterday sending all
those patches in one go. See, i got a stupid umts modem behind a not so 
proxy :) whose subnet is listed in almost every spam database on the planet
and whenever i try to send more than one mail i hit all sorts of mail server
restrictions like yahoo's maximum messages per day crap.. Gmail seems a bit
smarter ?! and scans the mail message and then says all kinds of funny stuff :):

27 10:48:31 gollum postfix/smtp[4011]: F1710123BFD: 
to=<linux-ide@vger.kernel.org>, relay=vger.kernel.org[]:25,
delay=10, delays=0.19/0.29/2.7/7.2, dsn=2.7.1,  status=sent (250 2.7.1 Looks 
like Linux source DIFF email.. BF:<H 1.55041e-06>; S1753942AbYA0Js4)

what's next, probably something like:

...(250 3.x.x uh, ok, i'm gonna relay your mail but please have another coffee, 
please) <hash>;

Anyway, resending #23 to you in a private mail.

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