This is the second take of blk-layer-padding-and-draining patchset.
Changes from the last take[L] are...

* libata-update-ATAPI-overflow-draining patch added.  This patch fixes
  up ATAPI PIO handling before updating it to use block layer
  draining.  consumed accounting and atapi_qc_may_overflow() update
  will survive blk draining conversion.

* blk-clear-drain-buffer-for-writes patch added.  This patch makes
  block layer clear drain buffer before chaining it to the sg list if
  the command in question is a write.

* libata-implement-drain-buffers updated such that
  atapi_drain_needed() uses the same logic as atapi_qc_may_overflow()
  and ATAPI PIO drain logic is replaced too.

This patchset is against the current upstream



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