On Monday 11 February 2008, Borislav Petkov wrote:
> Hi Bart,
> here's the ide_atapi_pc unification series. It all went pretty smoothly along
> the search & replace line. Using driver-specific members in ide_atapi_pc like
> idefloppy_callback and idetape_callback is kinda dumb but this approach seemed
> the fastest versus unnecessary callback function signature change that will
> touch stuff all over the place. Besides, ide-tape might be gone soon so that
> would alleviate the problem.

applied all four patches, thanks!

> On a different note, i noticed ide-scsi might also need a cleanup similar to 
> the
> other drivers. It is next on my TODO list in case you don't have anything 
> with a
> higher prio.

I was actually hoping that you'll continue unifying ATAPI handling...

[ ide-scsi is orphaned and has (probably) unfixable problems (because of having
  dependencies on both IDE and SCSI subsystems) so it is not worth IMO but I 
  of course accept patches... ]

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