Hello all,

A bit of update to this issue.

Switching the cabling of the most problematic drive with a new one didn't fix the issue. I couldn't yet switch the power supply with a more powerful one. However I temporarily added a pci-e SATA host and another drive, the situation was just as bad, not worse ;-) This HBA just had 2 ports, so I couldn't swap it completely with the nvidia ports.

Just as a guess I added sata_nv.adma=0 and the problem completly disappeared for 4 weeks now. Removing it from cmdline just make it come back.

Unfortunately I'm running xen on this host so I don't think adma patches if any may be suitable to me, at least as long as something > 2.6.20 doesn't come in gentoo for xen...



Le 9 janv. 08 à 01:00, Robert Hancock a écrit :

So it seems to be either a cabling problem or a bug with sata_nv ? I'm running gentoo's 2.6.20-xen, and maybe my problem looks like the sata_nv/adma/samsung problems reports I can see on the net ?

I don't think it's the same problem. In that case the controller appears to indicate that it didn't even start processing the command. In this case it's indicating that the command was sent to the drive and is still waiting for it to indicate completion.

It could be a cabling problem, yes. Also, are you sure your power supply is able to handle the power draw of that many drives?

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