Mark Lord wrote:
Tejun Heo wrote:
Mark Lord wrote:
Heh... I never thought a PMP aware controller would use TF SRST, so what
you want to do is set pmp value in the register and calling
ata_std_softreset(), right?  I think the correct thing to do is to
separate out SRST sequence proper from ata_std_softreset() into, say,
ata_sff_SRST() and build custom softreset around it.  After all, the
problem here is the reset sequence not the SCR access.

Actually, I believe the problem *is* the (pmp) SCR access.
The same issue will return again when trying to support hotplug, for

Can you elaborate a bit?

For example: a simple call to ata_link_online() is enough to mess it up.
Say, from hotplug polling.

Or an SEMB access (if not now, then someday when we implement it)

Any SCR access will steal the active pmp on such hosts.

I think we really do need to snoop those, somehow.

Adding ->sata_pmp_scr_read/write should do but I wanna avoid that if

We already have .pmp_scr_{read,write} operations.
If NULL, then default to the built-ins that are there now.

Mmm.. lost some lines there, try again:

We already have .scr_{read,write} operations, and
what I think we need are .pmp_scr_{read,write} in addition.
If NULL, then default to the built-ins that are there now.
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