> So that's using the old IDE drivers. And the network and USB are sharing
> IRQ#11 with each other.

> If you are going to be using newer kernels like this (2.6.23+), then you
> might consider shifting those drives over to libata drivers.

> This involves a little bit of work -- building a kernel with libata and
> "ata_piix" built-in instead of the old IDE drivers, and then rearranging /etc/
> fstab to match the new device names (eg. /dev/sda instead of /dev/hda).

> But at this point libata is working much better than the old IDE stuff, and
> it really is worth moving things over if you can. 

Ok, I'll take a stab at that tomorrow. Two things...

Is smartd prepared to handle /dev/sdX style devices?

If this is the prefered driver these days, maybe it shouldn't be marked 
experimental in the menu anymore?


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