>> This is a patch (very ugly, assumes you have just one disk) to bring
>> powersaving to AHCI. You need Alan's SCSI autosuspend (attached) patch
>> as a base.
>> It saves .5W compared to config with disk spinning, and even .15W
>> compared to hdparm -y... on my thinkpad x60 anyway.
> ..
> There was a discussion of this here today.

Real-life discussion, or something I could read? :-).

> It makes good use of AHCI-specific features.
> Has it been tested with a Port-Multiplier yet?

I do not know what port-multiplier is, sorry. But it was not really
tested. It is not expected to work on any other config than notebook
very similar to mine.

> This is cool enough that we really ought to do a hardware-independent
> version, so that all SATA interfaces could benefit.  Especially ata_piix,
> but others too.

Well, it seems like it is 10 lines per driver once Alan's SCSI
autosuspend patches are in...
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