Saumendra Dash wrote:
Hi Jeff,

I'm working on ULI1575 SATA driver which I want to run in Emulated-PATA mode. I have the following understanding to run a SATA device in Emulated-PATA mode:

1. In Emulated-PATA mode the legacy IDE driver should access the SATA device directly in combined mode. 2. The class code of the device shlould be set to Emulated-PATA mode(0x0185). 3. Enable SATA in combine mode. After doing the above changes the driver does not work in Emulated-PATA mode.

 Is there something missing to make the driver work in Emulated-PATA mode?

Use a PCI quirk to unconditionally disable emulated PATA mode, because it's not needed.


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