I've just been to Moshe Bar's lecture, which was an excellent lecture. One
of the things that were said in the beginning is that Linus Torvalds has
become inefficient in accepting important patches made to the kernel. For
instance, Moshe said that he has cron job that sends a group of patches to
Linus every week. Linus has prepared a procmail rule to throw it to the

And naturally, he refuses to use CVS, which makes it hard on everybody. I
always thought it was not good that Linux is not managed with a CVS
server. But the situation as it is calls for immidiate action. That's why
I'm organizing "The Great Linux Kernel CVS Mutiny".

I call for a benevolent developer to place the source code of the Linux
kernel in CVS, and for all developers who has nothing against CVS to use
it to maintain their code. When Torvalds releases patches those patches
(or their aprpropirate portions) will be applied to the CVS tree. We can
call this tree the linux-2.5.x-cvs tree... ;-)

Now, even if Mr. Torvalds frowns upon this methdology, the other
developers will still have the benefit of not having to cope with his
caprices. I can testify that CVS is a great tool and one wonders how he
lived without it. I used CVS for my IP-Noise project (which eventually
produced a Linux kernel module) and am using it now for doing my homework
in the Technion "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs"

I believe Linus Torvalds will not regret it, if he switches to CVS.
However, I don't think we should suffer because of his unwillingness to
reach this conclusion on his own.

Please propogate this message further.


        Shlomi Fish


Note that I'm not raising the CVS it myself because:
1. I'm not an expert kernel developers.
2. I have better things to do than to become a part of the core Linux
kernel team.
3. I believe I'm still entitled to make important suggestions for

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