Hi Yonah.

On Monday 24 April 2006 10:56, Yonah Russ wrote:
> Google is a bunch of Anti-Semites. 

Why? Because they did not include "Israel" in the Google Analytics country 
choice? That may imply this action is anti-Israeli, but it's not anti-Semite. 
There's a difference here. 

For all we know this problem may have not been an official Google policy, and 
will be promptly corrected. So it wouldn't be honest to label Google with 
being "anti-Semite".

And for the record, Google employs several Israelis and Jews, have an Israeli 
office, and have set up the http://www.google.co.il/ localised portal. So it 
would be a stretch to say they are anti-Israeli.

> You can read the details on my blog: 
> http://www.yonahruss.com/2006/04/google-supports-terrorism.html

Again? Google "supports terrorism"? Your argument seems to stem from the fact 
that they did not include Israel yet included "malevolent" countries. In this 
case, the problem is with not including Israel, not with including these 
countries, which does not imply supporting terrorism.

> I suggest everyone write an email to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> complaining about this injustice.

I have signed up for Google analytics, and once I will be able to register, I 
see if the problem you mentioned still persists, and if so will write them a 
polite letter asking them to correct it.

Meanwhile, please stop the labelling and accusations.


        Shlomi Fish

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