Quoth Gilad Ben-Yossef:
> Marc A. Volovic wrote:
> >Quoth Ira Abramov:
> >>Today I installed a similar setup on a faster machine, host is FC4,
> >Not that I am casting the first stone, but anyone using FC as a production
> >machine should have his orchideae removed.
> The Fedora Core line is a non production distribution *by design*.

Hello, mein kinder.

While both Gilad and yours truly are indubitably and inalienably right, it
is often that clients in their infinite (the hands - they have a life of
their own and will not type "wisdom") perversity will ask for such
wonderful contraptions as RTAI kernel running in RedHat 7.2 distribution
with Mozilla 1.5 backported into it, the whole thing shouldred a-la the
Tokya Underground at 7am into a 16MB NAND flash running with a proprietary
driver (Gilad - we know the culprits, do we not?)...

What should the indie, the consultant, the Gitche Manitou of the right
solution, do in such a case? Shove the right thing down the client's gullet
(I did that, it is very trying to shove a 48-node cluster down ANYONE's
gullet and, truth be told, not very hygienic)? Let the client blithfully
trundle towards his/her/its doom? Lie outright, say you do this, do the
other? What?

Jonathan? Gilad? Gil? Shahar? Oron? Danny? Lior?

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