Hello all,

I was finally able to fix the most annoying (to me) feature in KDE:
Switching between Hebrew and English layouts using the left side Alt-Shift
key combination...

I am sure some of you out there are still having this problem (clicking the
flag on the system tray to switch between  layouts), so I thought I would
share the solution I found (based on the following comment to the bug):

Bug 99009: Keyboard Layout - Switching lang groups does not

I am running KDE 3.5.10 on Kubuntu are the steps I took (broken
down for the newbie):

   1. Open KControl
   2. enter 'key' in the search box
   3. Click on 'Keyboard Layout' on the top list, then on the bottom.
   4. Uncheck the 'Enable keyboard layouts' box and click OK.
   5. Open a terminal window.
   6. Edit the following file with your favorite text editor:
   ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals (no need to become root (sudo))
   7. Look for the following line: "Switch to Next Keyboard Layout=" and
   change whatever is after the '=' to "Alt+Shift_L;Alt+Shift_R"
   8. Save the file and exit the editor.
   9. Repeat steps 1-3 and re-check the box you've unchecked instep 4.
   10. That's it! try it.

I know it is very newbie-like for most of you, but I wanted to make sure the
procedure comes across the right way... so please don't flame me ;-)

I hope I helped a least one of you out there...


Amichai Rotman

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