Hi Guys!

Our company, Scene53, is looking for a Junior DevOps engineer.
Specifically, we're looking to hire a bright, challenge-driven, Linux user
to join our small team; We'll be happy to bring you up-to-speed on the
world of DevOps (for various definitions of "DevOps")!

Besides the standard DevOps fare, our team is responsible for all
infrastructure (Production and Dev), networking, and designing and
implementing new technical solutions as required. We are often involved
with working with the developers to tailor solutions which are scalable,
resilient, and self-healing.

Scene53 is an established startup in Tel Aviv (near Nachalat Binyamin); I
like to call it "A Silicon Valley Startup in Tel Aviv". We won TechCrunch
Disrupt a few years back for our Virtual Bar "Shaker" and have since
pivot'ed into other markets. We have a friendly and enjoyable work
environment. There are dogs, and lots of 'em, so keep that in mind if
you're interested in joining us!

Full disclosure: Being a small start-up, our team is also responsible for
all of the company's Windows-based infrastructure, including Active
Directory and desktop PC's. There will be a minimal amount of helping out
the other teams with PC issues, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

If you have a sincere, passionate desire to learn about the world of CI/CD,
NoSQL, Amazon cloud, and infrastructure, this is for you!

For anyone interested, please send over a CV and a short introduction!

Thank you, all!
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