Yeah, that's just about anything you can develop on Linux. 

About us: 

We are a small company (about 30 developers) located in Montifiory
neighborhood in Tel Aviv (10 minutes walk time from Shalom train
station, which is how I, for one, arrive at work). The company is
developing a software defined storage solution. In other words, we
develop a software product that turns a bunch of servers with SSDs into
a single, coherent, reliable, distributed file system. Algorithmic wise,
this is the most interesting job, in terms of development, I've ever

Our company is officially in stealth mode, so I cannot say anything
about the product. Then again, anything I would likely want to say is
already up on the web site: 

About the positions: 

System developer: Our code path is written in user space, in a language
called "D". It is a surprisingly reasonable spin-off of C++, and should
be fairly simple to pick up. Candidates are not expected to know D prior
to applying. In fact, of our 30ish developers, only two knew D before
joining Weka (out of which, one was recruited through meeting us at a D
conference, so he really doesn't count). A good C++ understanding is a
definite advantage, as are algorithmic abilities and a good
understanding of how modern hardware works and how Linux works. At the
end of the day, what we're looking for is someone who knows how to take
a problem and offer a solution, and then be able to analyze the solution
and point out strengths and weaknesses. 

You can hear me talk about D and Weka on the reversim podcast, where I
was a guest: 

Python: There are several python jobs for various proficiency levels,
open. Feel free to check the web site for a full list, but in general,
if you're looking for a python development job at any skill level, we
want you. 

We use python to maintain our devops (both actual build system, and
build servers and test servers, some local and some running on Amazon
AWS). We also have a very extensive black-box testing automation system,
also written in Python. 

Front end: The product has a web based GUI. We are looking for a front
end developer with ability to work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 

If you are interested in any of those positions, please drop me an

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