On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 06:49:36PM +0200, Anssi Hannula wrote:
> (added Dmitry to CC)
> 19.02.2014 13:42, Elias Vanderstuyft kirjoitti:
> > Hi,
> > 
> Hi,
> > In the process of reviewing the Wine DInput translation layer, I
> > noticed an inconvenience (in the ff-core implementation?) that can
> > possibly lead to confusing problems to application developers (not
> > only for Wine), in short:
> > If a new (id==-1) effect was uploaded (look at
> > ff-core.c::input_ff_upload(...)) that failed (e.g. returning EINVAL),
> > ff-core will have assigned a positive number to the effect id. This
> > can be confusing because the dev->ff->effects[] array will not contain
> > an element at the index of that new effect id.
> I agree that this is a bit confusing, and the kernel code should
> probably be modified to not clobber the ioctl-provided effect on failure
> (effect->id is set to an "undefined" value, i.e. next free effect slot).
> Dmitry, WDYT?

Yeah, it looks like we need to change evdev.c to read:

                error = input_ff_upload(dev, &effect, file);
                if (error)
                        return error;

                if (put_user(effect.id, &(((struct ff_effect __user *)p)->id)))
                        return -EFAULT;

                return 0;

Unfortunately applications should still expect changed effect ID for
quite some time.


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