On Mon, 2015-12-14 at 21:50 +0900, Akihiko Odaki wrote:
> Use multitouch driver instead of microsoft one for Microsoft Surface
> Type Covers.
> By using MT_CLS_EXPORT_ALL_INPUTS, the keyboards function as well as
> the multitouch pads do.

I've discussed this a couple of weeks back with Benjamin Tissoires, and
this patch would break the special keys (mute, brightness up/down,
keyboard backlight up/down and play/pause).

The recommended way to fix this was to move multi-touch processing into
the Microsoft driver, so that it would handle the trackpad's multi-
touch events.

You should be able to do this by carefully picking up the handling code
from hid-multitouch, or do something similar to what's done in hid-
wacom, which has the same problem as the Type Cover handling.

Can you confirm that this does indeed break those special keys? If it
does, it's a NAK from my side.

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