Hi All,

While looking into getting a focaltech touchscreen on a tablet working I noticed
that we've 2 overlapping drivers, the ft6236.c and the edt-ft5x06.c driver both
support the exact same i2c touchscreen protocol. In the latter the code for the
"M09" variant offers identical functionality to the ft6236.c code.

Since the edt-ft5x06.c code seems more complete wrt advanced features and has
been around much longer, I would like to suggest to add the ft6236.c compatible
and i2c-ids to the edt-ft5x06.c driver and to drop the duplicate ft6236.c 

I've tested both drivers on a Chuwi_V7_CW0825 tablet with a ft5302fe4 
controller (not 100% sure on the model I may be mixing up touchscreen models 
but it definitely is a focaltech controller), and both drivers work identically.


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